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[MMD] Waru Katsu...s :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 4 6 [MMD] Night in the Woods :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 13 18 [MMD] Late Night Drive :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 3 52 [MMD] Dressed Up :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 5 5 [MMD] Us Things :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 4 8 [MMD] Nap Time! :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 5 36 [MMD] Um...Pass :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 8 4 [MMD] Let's Do This :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 5 2 [MMD] Let's Catch a Pikachu! :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 5 24 [MMD] Best Pikachu Waifu :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 5 4 [MMD] School Life S.2 P7 :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 6 7 [MMD] School Life (Creepy~) :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 7 5 [MMD] School Life S.2 P6 :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 5 12 [MMD] Mien :3 :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 9 53 [MMD] Team VNLA :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 7 8 [MMD] My Reflection :iconwaru-katsu-chan:Waru-Katsu-chan 8 11
In the mood for stuff that probably doesn't look good?
Then you're in the right place!! Welcome to my crap pile!


Left Hand Challenge! :iconneytirix:Neytirix 827 104 Satan of Wrath in Chibi Stakes :icondancerquartz:DancerQuartz 173 21 Chronexia- Complex Connections :iconmuchinaandcompany:MuchinaAndCompany 1 4 (Xilla DL) 500+ Watchers-- (Base included) :iconxiangaswipper96:XiangaSwipper96 31 47 Top download :iconstylc:Stylc 302 21 4+ TDA Stockings Body Texture :iconutauruecross:UtauRueCross 405 79 105 Watchers-Coat :iconschulenberg:Schulenberg 133 1 Tda matryoshka texture DL :iconmettytsuki-p:MettyTsuki-P 335 21 TDA Rin Wedding Download [ MMD ] :iconyuu2002:Yuu2002 304 53 Flow :iconelliemaplefox:EllieMapleFox 18 4 Dank Midori #25 - Midori Clones :iconthecittiverse:TheCittiverse 60 14 Suite life of the characters that never were XD :iconnaruchan101:naruchan101 26 2 MMD Acc.: Some Stuff + DL :iconthe-horrible-mu:The-Horrible-Mu 101 77 MMD accesories Baseball Bat :iconpharaoh-yami:Pharaoh-Yami 307 39 Baseball Bat Download :iconmissingpixiesticks:MissingPixieSticks 326 32 MMD female orange shirt+DL :iconsefina-nz:Sefina-NZ 249 67
Almost everything I've downloaded is here...Wanna see it?!!
...Oh, no? Okay then. I have random cool stuffs too...


Waru-Katsu-chan's Profile Picture
Katie (DJ Kitty Kitty)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
- Hey!! I'm a girl who loves to use MMD and watch anime when I can =w= I love to talk to my watchers and reply to the comments I see. I try not to be self-centered, but sometimes it happens...It's always a joke I swear XD

- If I'm ever rude, you'll have to excuse that as well - that slips when you live with an annoying brother (who I still wuv, cos he's my bro =w= ).

- My friends gave me the nickname DJ Kitty Kitty (long story), so I now dub it one of my nicknames here XD

- I love pandas, I HATE spiders, and I love yuri.

- How's that one quote go?
"Strangers think I'm quiet, my family thinks I'm funny, but my best friends know I'm utterly insane." Something like that. It fits me perfectly =w=

- I like making friends ^_^

- If I call out a favorite character, you better hope you hate them, because no matter what, my favorite character dies XD

- I'm pretty open-minded, ecstatic, optimistic...and dirty-minded. I wouldn't say perverted, but I would definitely say dirty-minded.

- The only reason I look at page views is to check if people like what I did that day, so I could (or should) make more of it. It's for improvement.

- I have some friends plus a brother on here :D

:iconmakisafig: < My broham =w=
:iconkittylilyheart: < Some weird cat I befriended XD
:iconlieutenantjoker342: < Good RP buddy - he helps me a little, I help him ^w^
:iconlawfulstudios9646: < My friendly neighborhood senpai XD
:iconmuchinaandcompany: < Reminds me of me - just...crazier XD She's one cool cat
:icongege1415: < She's mine >;3 Chu can't have her. Mien.


[MMD] Waru Katsu...s
  I was playing around, aaaaaand I now have a failsafe!!
...Basically, what that means, if the first Katsu (right) ends up being a model I'm not supposed to be using (looooong story), I can jump to the right Katsu! I've always had this topic in mind, so you know, I just figured it was better safe than sorry. Here are the credits for Katsu 2!!


Rin Base by TDA and Yuu2002
Beanie by cacti-sloom
Top by Stylc
Pants by Creepy-Ru
Boots by The-Mystery-Raccoon and IDOLMASTER
[MMD] Night in the Woods


Okay!! ^w^ I dressed me and my friends up as characters from Night in the Woods, so yeah! This was fun! I needed this! This is who I did left to right.

Selmers (Nate):

Hoodie by chickid11
Pants by Sefina-NZ
Shoes by DisastrousBunny

Bea (Katsu):

Dress (Original) by Aia-Aria
Boots by IDOLMASTER and The-Mystery-Raccoon

Mae (Rin):

Shirt (Original) by Sefina-NZ
Jeans by Creepy-Ru
High Tops by MariCorsair

Gregg (Me):

Leather Jacket by Sims3Ripper
Pants by Creepy-Ru
Converse by Nagai-Maro

Angus (Gege)

Cardigan by cacti-sloom
Glasses by techarts and MMD3DCGParts
Hat by MMD3DCGParts
Pants by Creepy-Ru
Shoes by illusion and YukinoSama27
  Alright!! So, for those of you who don't know, I'm striving to be an author one day. Through the magical powers of Amazon, I have published my first official book, Another Earth: The Key to Amnesia. It's very easy to find! Just go to, and search the "Books" category (in the search bar, type "Harley Snitch.") My book should come up! I'm not saying to give me your money, but...Give me your money.

  Yes, I'm kidding. You don't have to get it, though I would appreciate it. It's available on the Kindle for free and in paperback for $8.95. I really think you should look at it! Even if you don't buy my book, at least let me know what your first impressions were. If you do buy the book, I'd like a review after you've read it. And just so you know, I made that cover!!
  ...and by that I mean I used a template but sshhhh~

  Anyway! The book isn't very long, so don't worry about a lot of reading. If you're like me, you can't stand super-long books. If your reading capabilities are that of a sixth grader or higher, you'll be fine :D I mean, I apparently have the reading level of an eleventh-grader, but I don't know how or why...I hardly ever read. That's a bad thing. READ BOOKS, THEY MAKE YOU SMART. I mean, look at what happened to me XD wait nyu dunt leave ;w;
  I hope to see your reviews on Amazon! And if not, post some thoughts here on my profile or this journal! Catch ya later~!!
  • Watching: My screen
My book's out on Amazon! The Key to Amnesia! If you look up my pen name, Harley Snitch, you should find it. I'll make a journal entry later for more details, so go ahead and ask questions now!

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I like music - sure, I'll listen!
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Keep practicing. lol. 
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Yeah, I'll keep practicing... ^^''
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